Thursday, October 29, 2009

Finally....a new post

Savannah and her friend Nicole left Tuesday for her monthly appointment at NIH.
She had her tests on Wednesday, her breathing treatment this morning and at 1pm the CLINIC appointment. This is her favorite part...they tell her the results of the tests AND she gets to see her "hot doctor"! Today, "hot doctor" had the news we've been waiting for....with the exception of 2 very tiny tumors (one on her spleen, the other in her tummy)... all the other tumors are
GONE!!!!!!!!!!! She is doing so well that she doesn't even have to go back til January. Of course she's happy with the diagnosis but no "hot doctor" for over 2 months....whatever will she do?
Even though we've had faith all along and have experienced the miracles that God has performed in our family, it still amazes me that He would bestow such blessings on such unworthy recipients. We don't deserve any of it but He takes care of us anyway!
I know I've mentioned this before but I'm SO proud of Savannah and the way she has handled this whole experience. Her attitude has been incredible. Even when she was lying in bed, soooo sick, she kept her sense of humor and her sweetness to the staff etc. She handled everything with such grace and dignity.
So, 7 1/2 months after she was diagnosed with potentially fatal cancer, she is almost cured, attending college and working as a newborn baby photographer
at Willow Creek Hospital. She is loving every minute of her life. She realizes God has a purpose for her. We can't wait to see what's in her future!!! THANK YOU GOD!

NOW...all about me... :)
My friend and business partner, Linda Parrish and I started a Home Staging business last year that we enjoy very much but because of the Real Estate market being so slow we found we had extra time and creativity on our hands. SO...we recently opened Sassy Salvage Flea Market booth at Fayetteville Trading Post.
It's new, located at 2600 North College Ave. ( in the old Arkansas pools & spas building ) a couple of doors north of Schlotsky's Deli. We have a large shop and sell recycled home decor and furniture. We find old, sometimes ugly pieces and paint and/or embellish them with bright colored paint and patterns. You know,
make it Fun and FUNKY! Danny has even gotten in on the action and is building things for us and helping repair things etc.... He is a very good carpenter.
We were voted "Best Booth" for the month of October.
Hours are M-F, 11am to 6pm Sat, 10 to 6 Sun, 12 to 5
If you get a chance stop by and check it's fun to see all the boothes.

O.K.....Considering I'm falling asleep as I proof read this blog, I think it's bed time!
We would still appreciate your prayers for those 2 little tumors to vanish. We believe that will be the January report! :) Thanks and love to all!


  1. PRAISE GOD !! This is awesome news.

  2. Yeah!! God!!! He is awesome!! All the time!!! Savannah...good luck with school and all you do!! Keep us posted!! Love you and all your family!!!