Friday, August 21, 2009

Doin' the Happy Dance!

God has blessed us (yet again) with AWESOME news from NIH.
Savannah had all her tests on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday morning she had her breathing treatment and then at 1pm she had Clinic. That's where they tell the results of the tests. The Results - A few of the tumors have DISAPPEARED and the other tumors have shrunk considerably. The TIL cells are live cells that continue to live in her body forever so no further treatment is needed....hopefully EVER. She still has to return every 4 weeks for their research and our peace of mind. God is SO good, He answers prayer. It's not just a comforting thought or phrase....He really does answer prayer. He has blessed us more this year than we can even comprehend. We are so Thankful!
When Savannah called to tell me the good news of her tests.....I'm not sure if she was happier about the results or the fact that she has a "HOT" new doctor.
Apparently, he's beautiful and they will probably get married. :)

My new catch phrase lately is "Dutton Drama" which simply means - when things seem too simple or are running too smoothly...we just throw some problems and challenges into the mix. Our latest "Dutton Drama" started Tuesday night before Savannah and Haley left EARLY on Wednesday morning. Danny noticed that the hotel where the girls were staying requires guests to be at least 21 years old to check in. I really didn't think this would be a big deal...we've stayed there before, I had made reservations weeks ahead of time, they knew she was an NIH patient....she's very mature for her age...etc....SO...I called the hotel to discuss this little matter with them. First of all, I find it amusing that a place called The AMERICAN Inn has no Americans working there. The nice man I was speaking with listened to my dilemma and assured me (in his thick Jamaican accent) that it would be "no problem maaaaaan" as long as someone 21 yrs old or older was there to check them in. I tried to explain (again) that Savannah was an NIH patient flying from Arkansas and would literally be out on the street with no place to stay. I assured him that I was the parent and would take responsibility for any mishaps or expenses that might occur should she be "irresponsible". After repeating several times that it would be "no problem maaaan" as long as someone 21 would check them in, I asked to please speak with a manager to which he replied...." Yes maaan, I be de manager". ???? Sensing defeat, I just said Thank you and hung up. I said a little (or big) prayer and tried to start coming up with a solution. My brother (Jeff) and his family live about 2 hrs away so I couldn't ask them to drive all the way there just to check them in. Oh wait, yes I could...I was wait....I couldn't either....Jeff was in Maine and Donna was in India. I was getting a little stressed. Savannah suggested David and Aparna who are the ONLY two other people out there we know. I had not even thought of them! I really didn't want to ask them to help out though. Aparna is a doctor, David works and they have very busy lives....BUT.....what choice did I have? I emailed David early Wednesday morning then headed to the clinic for my treatment. Within 2 hours, David had it all worked out for us. He wasn't able to get into Bethesda but he has a very good friend that goes through there daily. He asked his friend (also Dave) if he could meet the girls and check them in. Dave agreed and around 8:30pm they got checked in to their room and hit the bed. They were exhausted after being up most of the night before. I don't even want to know what went through the mind of the person that checked them in. An older "uncle" checking 2 young "cuties" into a hotel room where there was only 1 queen bed???????????????
Like I said...."Dutton Drama"
More to follow in the coming months (i'm sure!)
They are flying back today at 5:30pm Eastern time so please keep them in your prayers. Thanks and love to All


  1. Patti, Our God is so amazing and I might add that the prayers in our church are also. I knew it was going to be good news when Savannah said she was so happy in so many ways.

  2. Oh Patti, that is the most awesome news ever!! I so praise God for Savannaha's healing! He is not only a wonderful father to us, but He truely loves us!! Keep looking up!

  3. We ALL know that GODS hands are so big and he holds us in them. Sometimes its just great to hear his never ending Love for us is always there. This news is is so great!!!!

  4. Patti,
    This is so exciting about Savannah!
    I hope she marrys this beautiful doctor.
    Please be sure to invite us to the wedding.