Monday, March 29, 2010

Recent visit to NIH

We are asking for your prayers again.
It seems the doctors were a little too optimistic last time Savannah visited NIH. As I reported in earlier posts, they thought the cancer was completely gone but this trip they realized that what they thought was "scar tissue" in her spleen was in fact cancer. It had grown ever so slightly and they detected a pea size tumor on the outside of her spleen as well. She goes back in 3 to 4 weeks for more extensive testing. If it has stayed the same or grown they will remove her spleen. They assured her this was not really a big can live just fine with out it. Of course, we'd rather her not have to have any kind of surgery but.......whatever makes her well! SO.....please remember her in your prayers again and please pass it on to all those prayer warriors!
We have had a few weeks of non-stop activity around here. In mid February, Mom and Daddy left for Virginia to visit Jeff (my brother) and his family. Donna had to go to Africa on business and Jeffrey needed help with the girls so they stayed about a month or so. While they were gone, I had the bright idea to redecorate their master bedroom. I wanted them to have a nice relaxing space to come home to after being away from home so long. Too bad I was so thoughtful and selfless!!!! :) I almost killed myself trying to get everything done! Bo and Savannah proved to They helped prime and paint the old, dark 70's paneling and trim (when their schedules allowed :) and Danny was useful in getting the old closet doors off and cutting out the headboard so I could upholster it. All in all it turned out to be a lovely, bright, peaceful room. They were extremely surprised and both seemed to love it.
OH!, did I mention in the middle of all of that.....Shelby had her 16th birthday party at their house? I thought it would be a good idea to get movies and pizza for the 9 girls and let them PARTY in the basement while I worked upstairs finishing their room. HA! Needless to work got done that night!
When Mom and Daddy got home they had my two precious nieces (Lilly, 13 and Rose, 7) with them. They stayed for their whole 2 week Spring Break. We had so much fun with them. The first week Shelby was still in school but everyday as soon as 2:18 hit we picked up 4 to 6 LOUD girls as well as Rose & Lilly and off we went.....we looked (and sounded) like a caravan of wild gypsies traveling down 71B in Grandma's suburban. People could hear us coming for blocks and heaven help the single or cute guys at the stop lights! Grandma might never be the same!
We also celebrated Shelby's actual Birthday too. We ate at JD China....Shelby's favorite place and then came home for cake, ice cream and gifts. Yes, she got a car. My Aunt Wanda got a new car and she was getting rid of her old one so Shelby got it. It's really nice and well taken care of. I hope Shelby keeps up the tradition. :)
In the midst of all this....Savannah decided since it was Spring Break, she and one of her friends would just "road trip" to Maryland to her appointment at NIH. So she left all the madness of home and was off driving....who knows where..... hopefully to Bethesda.
Anyway, have you ever been to a 9 day sleepover with 4 girls that shower constantly? It's exhausting but totally fun. The laundry however is NOT!
I say 4 girls because we invited Kim, Shelby's friend, to spend Spring Break with us. Rose and Lilly love all of Shelby's friends and consider them to be their friends too but all except Kim were on a mission trip. We had big plans to do all sorts of cool things but those 12 inches of snow on Sunday dampened a few of those. Although... we did make it bowling, to the movies, shopping, a sleep over with Bella and Gabby (cousin Wes & Melody's girls) and to Branson on Friday. We had a blast! Mom, Daddy, Rose and Lilly were up very early Saturday morning in order to get the girls to their plane by 10am. We all need to sleep for a week before life resumes. I WISH! But....Life goes on whether your tired or
This weekend Linda and I opened our booth in Lincoln at the Treasure Chest. I would never have considered such a location but other vendors say it is very profitable there. So...NOW....Sassy Salvage has 3 locations for your shopping pleasure. Fayetteville, Prairie Grove and Lincoln. Wohoo! we've hit the big time!
LOL! Thanks for your prayers for Savannah GOD is Good! love y'all


  1. I am with you, Savannah. Love you dearly.

  2. Still Praying for you! keep looking up! God is here in all of this!!