Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today is March 9th

In the past, March 9th has not held any special significance for me....that I can remember anyway...BUT today is different!!!!! One year ago today, I got that terrifying phone call from the Breast cancer doctor telling me to find Savannah and get to his office immediately. He spoke with such urgency that I knew it was bad news. I kept telling myself on the drive to his office that -even if she does have breast cancer...people survive it all the time and surely we've caught it in time. Still, I knew whatever it was... was serious. Savannah knew it too. I could hear the fear in her voice when I spoke to her on the phone and told her to meet me there. Sensing we were going to need all the strength we could muster I called Danny and he met us there too. I was pretty much prepared for whatever bad news the doctor had (or so I thought) so when he circled a big ugly place on her back shoulder and said it was melanoma and that was what was causing all the problems, I was wondering why he had made such a big deal over something that could be removed so easily. I had always heard that melanoma is one of the worst kinds of cancers anyone could have but at least it was just on her skin. Then horror flooded my mind.....It wasn't just on her skin, it had spread to make that huge lump under her arm and if it had spread that much where else in her body was it? It was the most terrifying feeling I've EVER had. I can't even imagine what Savannah must have been thinking. The doctor was so good with her....he hugged her and said he had a daughter her age and told her they were going to fight this with everything they had. He had tears in his eyes and kept looking at us as if to say - I'm so sorry but you're going to lose your daughter. We made it outside to the front steps of the office before we burst in to tears.
I don't know why I want to remember the events of that day....maybe to just reflect on how far God has brought us and all the true miracles He has performed since that day. I will never forget the fear of that day. I will also never forget the peace that God gave me shortly after that...within hours really....and it stayed with me til we got the news that she is cancer FREE!! So, March 9th will never be taken lightly around our house again. It will be a day of Thanksgiving for our "Sweet Savannah" and her precious life.

Some new DRAMA
Bo is doing well after 2 trips to the emergency room a couple of weeks ago.
He thought he was dying......We thought he was having an appendicitis attack.
The doctors found a kidney stone! He was miserable and extremely sick. It was awful seeing him in that much pain but as I said, I think he's back to normal again.
Shelby is going to be 16 years old on the 15th of this month and she is expecting to drive!!! Who made that rule up?????? I'm all for changing the driving age to at least 18!!!! I'm not having an easy time picturing her out in this crazy world driving everywhere with all those nuts on the road.
Maybe I'm getting nervous in my old age......whatever it is......it's not a good feeling.
Kids driving.....Oh Lord, hear our prayers! :)

Linda and I have expanded our Sassy Salvage business. Now you can find us at our first location - Fayetteville Trading Post on N. College right across the hwy from Acumbaro Mexican Restaurant AND in Prairie Grove at Daisie and Olive's Flea Market. We are having so much fun and really have some funky, unique and fun home decor and fashion items. We add new things weekly so drop by on a regular basis so you won't miss anything. Many items are -one of a kind- since they are hand painted or crafted. Sometime soon we hope to have a Sassy Salvage blog or website.

It was March 9th when I started typing this but it has taken me so long to write it that it is now March 10th. I'm so slow! Good Night!

p.s. I still don't know when the FOX News story will be coming on but I'll send an email as soon as we know something. Love to ALL!


  1. God is GREAT thank you for the reminder!!

  2. Oh Patty what a long way God has taken you and your family!! He has healed Savannaha of a very bad cancer! i hope this is ok but when someones tells me of a loved one who has skin cancer i tell them about You & savannaha and God's healing power. i also tell them about your blog so they can read how God healed her.I know that GOd healed her! Totally and completly!! God is so good to us! thanks for the up date! Hey! have you thought about putting a link to your blog on facebook? It is a big testimone (sp) for GOd and His healing power!