Monday, December 27, 2010


It's hard to believe the last time I was on a computer was October 9th. My how time flies when you're crazy!!!!!
We have just survived the Christmas season and looking for a wonderful New Year to come. When I reflect back on the past year, all I can think of to say is..."Thank you God for all the challenges, victories and blessings You have allowed us to experience."
I've really dropped the ball on keeping everyone up to date on Savannah's progress but now that "I'm back" (online) hopefully I'll do better from this point on.
The Epi treatment in Little Rock at UAMS did not seem to affect the little tumor on her adrenal gland. The good news however is that no other tumors appeared anywhere else so it's just the one place we're battling right now. UAMS has released her as a patient so it's back to NIH in Bethesda. She was never released from NIH just allowed to participate in the Epi clinical study at UAMS. She will always be a patient at NIH due to the on going studies of the Til Cell Treatment etc.....
Anyway, we are waiting to hear when her appointment is. We're guessing sometime very soon after the 5th of January. At that point they will do more tests and scans to see what is happening and then determine whether she needs the Til Cell treatment again or a different form of treatment. We are just praying that when they do the scans, they won't find the tumor anywhere! If she has to have the Til Treatment again we will deal with it...just as before, but of course it breaks our hearts to see her so sick and suffering.....not to mention loss of work for us and almost a month away from home etc... but that is all of little concern when we think of her health. SO....please pray for NO TUMOR!!!!

It amazes me how blessed we are. Not just my family but all of us. Just to have our families with us, a warm place to sleep, enough food to keep us going and the freedom to live and worship as we please. God is SO good and still in CONTROL !
Hope Everyone has an AWESOME 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!!

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