Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prayer Request

First of all, ....Sorry for the -empty- email a couple weeks ago. If I ever send you an email that doesn't have a message attached or is messed up in any way......It probably just means there is a new post on the blog! Have y'all forgotten how technologically challenged I am?
I'm asking for prayer for Savannah today. She is on her way to Maryland for her appointment at NIH. She is driving (w/friends). I wanted to go with her to be there for the scans and results but she said she could just put me on speaker phone during the clinic appointment and I could hear everything the Doc said. ---NOT the same as being there! :( Anyway, they left yesterday, her scans are on Wednesday and Clinic is on Thursday. That sounds like plenty of time but they're having to take it slowly due to the bad weather throughout the South and East. From what the weather station says they are headed straight into the worst of it. Please pray for their safety and that nothing will keep her from getting to her appointment.
Also that when they receive the results of the scans - there will be no tumors ANYWHERE!!!!!!
Meanwhile the rest of us are just trying to stay warm cuddled up with our fleece blankets in front of our new IMAX theater. Well....it's not REALLY an IMAX theater.....it just looks and feels like one! Danny has a very generous friend that gave him a BIG - HONKIN' TV !!!!! This would not really be a problem if we had a Big Honkin' room to put it in. Instead, it is in our little sun room--- which --- gives you that IMAX experience since loud noises make the room vibrate like surround sound and the screen is so large that it envelopes you. I (lovingly) used the term "ghetto" to describe it to someone and totally offended Danny but "ghetto" or not, it has made my little 27/29 ? inch TV in the living room seem very insignificant and hard to see. It goes against every decorating instinct in my body but Danny says it kind of makes up for all the floral walls and pink stuff he's lived with for years....the jury's still out! ???
Thank you ALL for your prayers! Stay safe and WARM! Love Y'all

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