Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 1st NIH visit

Savannah flew out to Bethesda yesterday morning for her monthly checkup at NIH.
Since Mom and Daddy are out there, visiting Jeff and Donna, they decided to drive over and stay with her during her visit. I'm glad they were there for her because the news was a little less than satisfactory.
The tumor on her adrenal gland has NOT continued to shrink. It hasn't grown's pretty much stayed the same which makes us happy but the doctors were not as impressed. The scans revealed some tiny spots on her liver. They are so tiny, in fact, that they're not even sure what they are.
They scheduled an MRI for this afternoon so they could get a better look. Her team of doctors will evaluate everything at their Monday Meeting and then let us know how they are going to proceed.
There are a few options but right now we don't really know what they are. They did mention starting back at square one. We don't know what that means either but I don't particularly like the sound of it. :(
We know God has a plan for us so we're just riding it out knowing that everything that happens is for our good and will ultimately be His will. I keep saying to myself...."This is a test.....this is only a test!'
In the meantime, we'll still cherish any prayers you will offer up for us!
LOVE to ALL! Thanks!

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  1. Patti, God in His wisdom knows what is best. Only He can see the future and knows the right course to take. Rest on His ever strong arms and remember: Not one sparrow shall fall to the ground apart from the will of the Father...So don't be afarid you are worth more then many sparrows. still praying and still believing! love ya!