Monday, May 2, 2011

Home from Nashville

This morning finds us back at home after a great 5 days in Nashville. I didn't think I was too tired until I started my bible reading and woke up with my face in John chapter 4.....and that was after 2 cups of coffee! It was a very fun trip. My new found friend, Maria, was a wonderful hostess and tour guide. We got to see rural parts of Thompson's Station, Franklin, Nashville (of course) and my personal favorite....Leiper's Fork. It was just a tiny little town but had very quaint old houses and shops, good food and my favorite..... charming, historic homes. Tennessee is really beautiful. I love it! No matter where you go you can always find (my) big Southern, Antebellum Plantation Homes.
The CM Marathon brought more than 30,000 runners and spectators to the Nashville area so you can just imagine all the attractions going on. We hit Broadway, Music Row,.....all the hot spots. Then we hit the Franklin Festival in the evenings. It's a really cool downtown area on a much smaller scale. Of course, anywhere and everywhere you go there is amazing musicians, bands and performers. Soooooo FUN!

O.K. (good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise) we will be having the yard sale this Friday, May 6th !!!!!!!!

Oh, almost forgot to mention...... If any of you have old, junk jewelry or broken jewelry that you want to get rid of, let me know. I need it for some art projects.
Of course I'll take donations :) but if you bag it and give me a price, I will see if my budget allows me to make a deal! :) Thanks!

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