Monday, May 17, 2010

So....Danny and Savannah left this morning at around 6am for NIH. Their flight was delayed a few minutes due to severe fog in NWA. When they were approaching the runway in Chicago, they were headed down but all of a sudden the pilot pulled the plane back up. It seems the plane in front of them hit some birds and it made a big mess. They had to circle the airport til the runway was cleaned and cleared.
Both of these delays ( plus the mile trek to her gate at the other end of the airport) should have made Savannah miss her flight, but once again, God had everything under control. As she was walking up they were just shutting the door and let her sneak in. Danny had a flight one hour later so he was there just in time.
Once in DC, Savannah made the shuttle to NIH but of course since Danny's flight was later, he had to catch the metro into Bethesda.
Savannah went straight to NIH and got admitted and prepped etc....
Danny got checked into SAFRA House. They were both going to turn in early.
Savannah is 2nd on the surgery schedule so they estimate she will go in about 10am or so. Danny has strict orders to call me as soon as she wakes up!
I thought I would be ok with not being there but it's killing me! What was I thinking? Although, Danny has it all under control and he is wonderful with her so I just need to give it up and pray!!! :)
We would appreciate all your prayers! Love and Thanks to all!!

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  1. senting lots of prayers heaven bound! everything will be ok. God has it all under His control! He has been in this since the beginning and He is not going anywhere now! Keep looking up! God is in the driver's seat!