Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Surgery Update

Savannah was supposed to be in surgery around 10am this morning but they were running late in O R... so... in true "Savannah Land" style, she was taking it easy, basking in the glow of "Hot Doctors" morning visit. I know she wasn't looking forward to surgery but hey.....a girl does what she has to do to get near the man of her dreams!!! She wasn't exactly dreading it.
After several phone calls back and forth, Danny finally called me at 1:15pm and said she was on her way down and it would take 2 1/2 to 3 hours. 4 hours later she was just coming out. Wheeeewwwww! rough day waiting around.
They were able to make 3 or 4 smaller incisions instead of the really big one they first thought.
Everything went well except that when they removed her spleen, they found many more tumors in it than they had suspected. Thank God it is out of there!!! AND there were no more surprises.
Danny said she probably will be too drugged up to talk to me tonight so I'm trying to be patient :)
Tomorrow they will start her on jello and drinks so maybe she can get some of her strength back.

I would like to Thank everyone who has been praying for her all along. It's so comforting knowing there are so many others talking to God on her behalf.

A year ago tomorrow Danny and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary in Bethesda because Savannah was in treatment. This year we'll be celebrating separately but I will be here for Daddy's birthday (which is tomorrow) so.....party either way!!!!!! :)

SURPRISE!!! Savannah just called. She sounded good - but drugged up!
She said she is hurting right now and is not as loopy as she'd like to be but they have given her a button to press to release pain meds into her IV so she is in control of the drugs.....uhooooh!!! :)......look out "hot doctor"!!!
We would appreciate the continued prayers for a quick recovery without infections etc.... Thanks love!


  1. Thank you God for your love and watchcare over Savannah.

  2. GOD IS GREAT! Thank you for the updates Patti.
    We pray for the whole family, good health and safe travel.

  3. So happy to hear you got to talk to her and everything went as expected.. that is great news.. Happy 26th wedding anniversary to you and Danny !! and happy birthday to danny !! keeping savannah in our daily prayers.
    love you guys :)

  4. Great news! Our prayers are with you all. You have all been so strong! With love and faith we continue or path.