Friday, May 7, 2010

Update on Savannah

SORRY! I would have updated much sooner if Melanie or I had taken a laptop with us on the trip. It's not fun being without technology....even if you don't know how to use it most of the time. :)
Once again, God is so good and kind and gracious and merciful.......
Savannah is going to require surgery on May 18th. They will be removing her spleen and one of her adrenal glands. They said that those two spots were different than all the other cells and didn't respond to the TIL Therapy. The good news is that after they remove the organs, she will be cancer free! They said they combed the scans over and over and there was no trace of anything else. We are SO thankful for this good news! The surgery is not really major....they said if she was at home she would only be in the hospital for 3 or 4 days. Since she has to travel home they will keep her a few days longer so they told us to plan on 5 - 7 days or so.
I think Danny will be going with her this time due to the fact that 1 plane ticket is cheaper than two- AND- I still haven't recovered from my 2 week jaunt from Minnesota to Maryland back to Arkansas and all places in between. It was SOOOO much fun hanging out with Melanie again (just like old times) but we are both worn out from all the traveling. I feel like I will never get caught up again with the mail, paper work, flea market stuff and sleep!
Mel and I kept a journal of our travels so as soon as I can get time I'm going to put a few stories on the blog.
Please keep Savannah and ALL of us in your prayers!
Thanks so much! Love y'all! OXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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