Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's ON!

NIH contacted us and said they want Savannah there on Feb 1st. She will fly out the morning of the 1st and check in as soon as she arrives. They want her there to run all kinds of scans, tests and to put in a port/line. Her chemo will start on the 4th and she will receive the TIL cells on the 10th and the Interluken a few hours later. They have her scheduled to return home on the 24th....IF....the counts on her immune system are high enough. If not, she will need to stay a few extra days. Danny and I will be driving. We will leave a day or so before Savannah to give us time to get there before she arrives. Danny can't miss a whole month of work so he will come back after she is through the worst part. I will stay the whole time and ride back with my very dear friend, Susie, who is coming out to "take care of me" after Danny leaves.
Thankfully, we will be staying in the Safra House which is such a blessing. It's right across the street from the hospital. It's like a little mansion but yet it's warm and cozy and has an awesome eat-in kitchen where you can cook or order in or whatever. Best of all they have a cappuccino machine that's on 24/7! The kitchen is also the "meeting place". Everyone there has someone in the hospital and you kind of get to know some of them and hear their stories. Some of the stories are so awful that it makes you realize your problems aren't so bad.
I know all I do is ask for prayer's the only thing that works so.....
Please pray for Savannah - that the treatment will work, for traveling, etc....
Danny and I - that we'll have safe travel (as well as Susie), we'll all stay healthy (physically & emotionally) and for our finances through all this.
Thanks again for all the support. We would be NUTS without it.!
love you ALL

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  1. Patti, as always you remain in my prayers. I have never taken Savannah off of my prayer list. There are other prayer members who are praying for you all over the United States.