Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No Patient!

Seeing as how we Dutton's love drama so much.....Danny and I are here in Bethesda at NIH. We are all warm and tucked in our nice lodge. So.....let's see.........we have the parents, the doctor's, the nurses, the medications, the hospital room waiting for the patient but.....NO PATIENT!!!
We drove out of Greenland early Monday morning and arrived this afternoon (Tuesday). We were on the phone much of yesterday with the NIH travel team trying to change Savannah's flight from going through Chicago to Dallas since Chicago was almost at a stand-still due to blizzards etc....! Who knew that at 6:40 this morning when she was supposed to be flying out of XNA that all flights in and out of Dallas would be cancelled......not to mention the XNA airport closing. There was also another winter weather advisory out for this area but fortunately it didn't do anything. Savannah was on the phone all day today trying to get a flight out. As of this moment, she is scheduled to fly out tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 through Dallas. We are really praying they can get the airports in working order so she can get here. They have her on a very tight schedule and the difference in a day or two can throw a kink into the whole plan.
Oh my my..........never a dull moment.
Oh....did I mention we have all of Savannah's luggage with us? We thought it would be best if she didn't have a bunch of heavy bags to check and tote around, so we brought them with us...which.....if everything had gone according to plan, would've been a good idea BUT....all of her books, pc and school stuff is packed in our car and she is stressing a little about getting her assignments done on time especially since she will get behind during her treatment.
Never a lack of things to pray for.....????!!!!!!!! Love to ALL


  1. Patti praying with all my heart! i so believe that God is working in this! He made sweet Savannah and He can heal her! He is the great Doctor of everything! Praying for all of you! if i can do anything please let me know.