Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day after-April Fools Day!

Oooops! Didn't mean to hit enter on that last title....sorry!

Savannah has signed a lease on a tri-plex she found this week. She's very excited about it. I think it will be really cute when she gets her stuff in and decorates. It's in the area behind Fiesta Square so it's a good location..easy to get to any part of town.
Shelby is looking forward to having the whole upstairs to herself but I think she will miss Savannah more than she realizes....although....Savannah's new place is within 2 minutes of Shelby's school so Savannah might have a little more company than what she's bargained for!!! :)
I have been very amused lately!.....April Fools Day has never really held any significance for me so I was surprised at how excited Shelby, Laura, Megan and Kim got about all the pranks they were going to play on their friends. I even overheard Laura and Megan saying this was one of the best days of their lives. Yes, they were being overly dramatic but they were VERY excited!!! They started planning the night before with all kinds of ideas....some good, some bad and some...just....well....stupid. :) Anyway, I'm not sure what they did to their poor friends at school but when they left here yesterday morning, they had a huge coffee mug velcro'd to the top of Shelby's car. It looked like she just sat it up on top to get into the car and then forgot it. BTW - I've done this with everything from a drink to a Bible....if it's not velcro'd's not a good outcome! :(
I really didn't think many people would see it or pay attention but as they were trying to get out of our driveway, Greenland actually experienced their first ever
"traffic jam". It was great! Shelby was waiting her turn to pull out and cars were stopping, honking, rolling their windows down and yelling to warn them that there was a drink on top of the car. When I heard the commotion I looked out the front door and cars were lined up from our second driveway to the stoplight. It was mostly men and/or young guys waving them down. The girls just played dumb and gestured like - "what???....we don't understand you"!!!!!! Apparently, this went on all through town. All the way to school and all the way home! At some point, they got tired of playing dumb and wrote on a piece of paper with mascara (didn't have a pen - even though they were on their way to school....hmmm...?) a sign that said GOTCHA! Everyone seemed to have a good sense of humor about it, I guess.....I didn't get any phone calls from the police.
So after such an exciting day we're back to normal....whatever that is! Oh, except for Bo. He is in Dallas at the PASSION CONFERENCE. It's supposed to be one of the biggest and best Christian conferences ever! He and about 40 other people from his group left yesterday. He has a few pics of it on his FB page already and said that so far -it's "wicked sweet" I think that means really great! :)
BTW - He is looking for a much needed job. If any of you hear about ANYTHING please let us know! Prayers would help too!
Savannah will be returning to NIH in about 3 weeks. We would appreciate continued prayers that the one tumor she has will be gone.
Thanks and LOVE to ALL

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