Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Savannah's Results

Tonight we are THANKING & PRAISING God for his blessings. Savannah called earlier to let us know that her scans all came out clear and the existing tumor on her adrenal gland is a little smaller!!!!! Very good news!
She thought she would be getting home tonight but the bad weather in DC kept her plane on the tarmac for over an hour so she missed her connecting flight in Dallas.
Good thing her friend Nicole is living there now. She's going to pick her up and get her back to the airport tomorrow morning for her flight home. Oh, the drama!
Danny, Shelby and I are leaving in the morning for Nashville. We are visiting a couple of colleges that Shelby is interested in. No....she's not a senior....just a junior but being the over-achiever that she is, wants to get a head start on everything. It doesn't hurt that the big Country Music marathon & festival is going on this weekend either. Her friends are running the 1/2 marathon. She was training to run it too until she sprained her ankle. The doctor advised her NOT to run or even walk that far . He said it was a pretty serious sprain. Guess she'll just have to walk around the festival, listening to live concerts from up and coming artist, eat the great food, shop the booths, and watch for the celebs walking around. Hmmmmm,....tough job! :)
We will be staying with a new friend that we met at NIH while we were there in February. She was there with her dying friend, Teri. The minute we heard each others accent, we knew we had that "southern thing" in common so by the time we left, we had become good friends. She might even be a long lost relative.....she acts an awful lot like our family... :0 ....Oh my!
I probably should quit rambling on and get packed. What does one wear to a big - Who's Who in Nashville event? lol
Thanks for the prayers!


  1. Praise God!!! Yes, God, thank you for answering prayers over and over and over. You are so BIG!!! And you are so good!

    Thank you for the healing in our family.


  2. Thank you for all the update! That is so wonderful! :D Savy usually text me but your post are pretty entertaining Patty! Miss you! -Julie Menne