Monday, April 25, 2011

Early this morning.......

Bless Danny's heart! He got up at 4-something this morning to get Savannah to XNA for her 7am flight to NIH. He let me stay in bed and listen to the rain and heaven...til I had to get Shelby up for school at 6am :(
As I was praying for her safety, I was thinking how an Ark might be a safer means of travel than flying through so much rain, lightning, winds etc......but God controls all that stuff anyway so....
Her scans and tests are this afternoon then she has her breathing treatment and clinic tomorrow. She will fly back tomorrow evening. Clinic is when they will tell her if the last treatment is working or how well it is working. We believe it will be great news but extra prayers never hurt anything. So, once again, we are asking for prayer that she will have NO tumors anywhere in her body. She could also use prayers to get rid of a pesky sinus infection that she's been fighting for a couple weeks.
We had a wonderful Easter Sunday. Wes & Melody (Couch) and their 4 little girls hosted our family Easter dinner after church. It was great celebrating the Resurrection with such precious family members!
Speaking of Savannah, she just called and has made it into Chicago. From there she will fly straight into DC and take the Metro to NIH.
PLEASE keep up those prayers! Love to ALL!

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