Wednesday, July 6, 2011

IL15 in the near future

After a few weeks of intense waiting, NIH called and said that Savannah has qualified for a new protocol. The first time, she had the Il2, then the IL12 in February of this year and now it will be the IL15 treatment. They have only used this on 6 other people, so really, they're still researching the benefits of the treatment. We don't have a start date yet but it will be as soon as they can get her scheduled.
One good thing about this treatment is that it doesn't require chemo. It won't make her so sick and therefore, shorten her hospital stay to 12 - 15 days. That's still longer than she'd like to be there. :( WE always try to look on the bright side though - If she has to go back to Bethesda for treatment, that must be a sign from God that she needs to revisit HOME GOODS and purchase a few more home decor items......right? :)
I will be going with her while Danny stays here to work.
Please be in prayer that this treatment will dissolve the tumors!
Thanks! LOVE to ALL!

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  1. Patti we are all praying for you guys! knowing that God is in control of all things big and small! Savannah you are so brave and strong! God has something so special for you, waiting just around the corner! keep the faith and never ever give up! God is in control! Keep Him in the drivers seat of your life! Something good is going to happen!