Thursday, July 28, 2011

Delay in Bethesda

Savannah made it to Bethesda with no problems on Sunday. After many delays, Carla and I miraculously arrived in DC within minutes of each other on Monday.
We were going to have to wait an hour and a half for the shuttle so I thought it was a great idea to just hop on the Metro and get there sooner. Yea, right! A couple hours later we still had not reached our destination, we were exhausted from hauling big suitcases (that would not roll correctly) on and off the train, up and down escalators and elevators. Anyone watching us would have likened it to an episode of I LOVE LUCY where Lucy and Ethel had gotten into some comical mess. I've decided people out here just don't see the humor in things like we do! :)
They did Savannah's tests on Monday and Tuesday and were going to start treatment on Wednesday. There's one test they didn't get the results for and they can't start the treatment without has to go in for a little while tomorrow and get her pick-line put in. After that she'll be free again til Sunday night when she has to check back in to the hospital for treatment on Monday.
She's a little bummed that this glitch has added another 5 or 6 days to her stay. She was really wanting to get in - get it done - and get OUT! In the grand scheme of things 5 or 6 more days will not matter that much, even though I understand how she feels.
Carla and I visited Union Station today. I think she was impressed! It's an awesome place to see, eat, shop and just people watch! After riding the Metro back we're just chillin' with Savannah in the Children's Inn until Tuesday when I move to the Safra Lodge...(my favorite place).
Savannah isn't feeling her best so please pray for minor ailments as well as total healing for her.
Thanks for those concerns and prayers! Love to All!

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  1. Dear friends, Praying double time for you guys! praying for healing and strength. God is in all things! keep your heads up ladies! God is on the move! just reach out & touch him!