Monday, July 18, 2011

Ready, Set....Goinggggg!

Wow! It seems like it has become a habit with me but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. There's just always so much to do before you leave town for weeks on end. I guess I won't worry about the house, the laundry, the grocery shopping etc...Danny and Shelby will just have to live with it or do it themselves. :) Hopefully, I'll get some projects painted, upholstered, tagged and to the flea market before I leave. Business has picked up and our booth is looking a little empty but.....that's a good thing!!!
Savannah's flight will leave Sunday morning at 10:30am for Bethesda. To save more than a couple hundred dollars, I will fly out the next morning at 8am...ughhhhh!!!....that means I'll have to be at the airport by 6:30am... :(
My cousin, Carla, is taking a week or more out of her busy life to come with me. She is flying a different airline and will meet me at the airport. If all goes as planned, we will arrive within about 30 minutes of each other. She will return home on the 3rd and I will stay the rest of the time by myself. I feel bad for Danny, I know he would like to be there for Savannah.
It looks like we will be in a hotel for a few days until a room at the Safra house opens up. It will be a bit inconvenient since the closest hotel is several blocks away, not to mention $200 or more a night!'s ridiculous! On the other hand, the Safra house is right across the street from the hospital and we can get there within 5 minutes on foot if needed. But....whatever!...I guess it'll all work out like it's suppose'll only be a few days!
Savannah's IL15 treatment will hopefully start on the 27th. That is, if she gets all her tests and scans done on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. We're really praying that this treatment is not so hard on her as the last two were...AND....that it works!

So, quick story for those of you not on FB. Saturday morning, I was sitting here just trying to catch up on some computer stuff when my phone rings. It's my cousin, Sheri. She wants to know WHAT'S GOING ON? I told her what I was doing and she said her family was freaking out because they had heard that I'd had a stoke and they were taking me to Little Rock. It was such a strange feeling knowing a rumor like that was flying around about me with no thread of truth to it. We were cracking up how fast word of mouth gets around....even without emailing, fb or texting. Apparently, someone had heard it at church. They called my cousins, Heath & Vicki in West Fork who they were friends with. They called their sister (Sheri) who called me and didn't get an answer so she called my other cousin (Carla) in Fayetteville who called Danny in Lowell. In the meantime Sheri called me again and I answered...thus....finding out - I was fine. It was very amusing.....for a while!
Once we back tracked and got to the bottom of things.....we discovered that it had all been true....they had just gotten the wrong Patti. It was Patty Underhill that had a stroke and was on her way to Little Rock.
That took the humor out of it. So, I haven't heard any updates but hopefully y'all will join us in lifting her up in prayer.
Exciting times in Greenland and West Fork!
Thanks for the prayers and support!

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  1. Praying for safe travels for all and an easier time for sav. Praying that this treatment gets it all. and she is all better! Sav. God is still watching over you! you are always on His mind! He is just a prayer away! love you girl! praying!