Thursday, August 25, 2011

The unexpected!

Never would I have dreamed that when I woke up Tuesday morning and started getting ready for an eye exam that- at the end of the day, I would be standing on the Metro deck at Reagan National airport in DC.!!!
After Savannah and I got home last Monday night, she continued to get worse. She had not really eaten much of anything for 6 weeks and she was nauseous to boot. It got to where she couldn't even keep water down. Fortunately, she had to be back at NIH this Monday for tests. When they heard of her condition they decided to admit her the minute she got here. I was SO thankful for that because she was so weak she could barely walk.
Getting her out hear was a nightmare though. She left XNA at 3:30 pm on Sunday and was supposed to arrive here at 10 pm. But - of course.....that would have been too easy and drama free! When she got to Dallas, they had cancelled her flight to DC. Nobody knew was just cancelled. She was stuck in Dallas, too weak to even sit up, wanting to come home and go to bed....She was miserable and so were we, trying to do something to help her. Finally, the airlines arranged for a hotel room that SHE had to pay $75 of her own money for.... (that's an unresolved issue...!) But at least she was able to go to bed. The next morning she missed her next 2 flights because she was too sick to leave the room. She eventually made it to NIH.
I was sitting at my eye appointment with dilated eyes when her Doctor called. He said she was in bad shape. Her body had basically started shutting down because it was in "starvation mode'.
SO.....thanks to Darrin & Carla I was on a plane headed for my baby within a few hours.
They started feeding her by IV and by the next morning, she was already feeling much better. THANK YOU GOD!!!!
She just ate some mashed potatoes and gravy ...her first solid food in weeks!!! YAY!!!!!!!! I guess we'll be here til Monday because that's her next scheduled appointment and they want to monitor her till then. Hopefully we'll be flying home Monday evening.
Seeing as how we can't do anything without some sort of drama. I just have to share.....The medical team was just getting ready to put Savannah's picc line in when the earthquake happened. They had to evacuate the building. Everything was crazy for a while. Even the next day, that's all anyone was talking about. When I arrived later that night, it took forever to get from the airport to NIH because the Metro was running at only 15 mph due to crews checking out the lines and structure for quake damage. They did find some but not on any of the lines I had been on! wheeeewww!
Now, we just have to deal with the hurricane they say is coming through!
We need prayers that her tumors are dissolving!!! Thanks SO much! Love to All!

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  1. what would you do without Drama! Wow poor Savannah! stuck in Dallas all alone and sick! Bless your heart! We are praying for you all. God is still working! He is still in control! keep looking up dear friends! "When you pass thur the waters I will be with you, when you pass thur the rivers, they will not sweap over you!" Trust!