Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 3 of Treatment

August 3rd.....Savannah's 3rd treatment, Bo's Birthday and the day Carla leaves to go home.
Oh such an eventful day! lol
Savannah's treatments are going well. She isn't having extreme side effects like they thought might happen, but at the same time, the longer she has them the tougher they get on her system. They said the 2nd week might be more harsh. Her spirits are good but she has NO appetite at all and hasn't for about 3 weeks now. Because of that she is running low on energy. They said that's fairly normal when you have liver problems - in this case she has tumors on her liver. Both the spots on her adrenal gland and liver have increased in size a little bit BUT - that's what prayer and this treatment is for. :)
As I said - Carla left to fly home this morning. As she was leaving, she made the comment that "it's too bad you have to fly out of town just to get to spend time together." She'll probably never know how much I enjoyed and appreciated her coming out. We got to do a few fun things but I really didn't get to show her all of the sites in DC and the surrounding area that I wanted to. We did go to Union Station and see all the great architecture, some monuments, and the restaurants and shops that are there. That pretty much took a whole day by the time we took the metro etc...... We also went to Middleburg, Virginia (where Jeff, Donna, Lilly & Rose live). We attended church with them and got to see Rose light the candles, we shopped along the quaint little street and had lunch before we were off to Upperville where Lilly and Rose were in a Musical called HONK! It was a variation of The Ugly Duckling. It was Fantastic! Lilly and Rose did a wonderful job. Lilly stole the stage in the 2nd act with her dramatics and solo & duets. Very proud of them both!!! Afterwards, everyone else was busy with cast parties etc... so Jeff took Carla and me to an old historical Inn for dinner. We had such a good time just sitting, talking and reminiscing. Wish I got to see him more often! :(
Other days we hit a few neat shops around the Bethesda area and of course, Home Goods and Barnes & Noble for some new reading material for Savannah while she's in bed. Carla rented a car for a few days so it would be easier to get around. I can't tell you how thankful I am for that! Just ask her ----It's not like home where you decide you want to go somewhere and you hop in your car and get there within a few minutes. It takes planning and time and shuttles and metros and fighting crowds!!!!! :0's CRAZY! We also spent some time MOVING!!!, We started out in a Hotel then moved to Children's Inn, From there, we moved to Safra Lodge. We were there one night when they moved us to a 2nd floor room. I thought that was enough but turns out - if my prayer is not answered, I will have to move from Safra back to Children's Inn and then back to Safra to finish up our stay. It's all due to availability and the large numbers they're trying to accommodate . Hopefully, I will just be able to stay in Safra til we leave.

So, now I'm here all alone and plan to get caught up on a lot of paper work, reading, Bible study and quiet time. I'm actually looking forward to it....I already have a little "office" set up in Savannah's hospital room so I can be productive while I sit with her.
We are still asking for those prayers of TOTAL HEALING. Thanks everyone!

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