Monday, June 1, 2009

Back online

The other day I had a very long, lovely post written and ready to send. Just before I hit the publish post button our Internet went haywire and deleted the whole thing. Considering how long it takes me to remember what has happened and type it all in....I was a little frustrated. Danny worked on it a while and seemed to fix it until....I typed another lovely post and it crashed in the middle of it also. I gave up. So, no more lovely post...I'll just state the facts.
Savannah got home Wednesday night and Susie and I got home Thursday night. I'm still trying to recover from being away from home for 3 1/2 weeks. The pile of paper work and mail alone could keep me busy for days.
Savannah is doing good. At first, we were very concerned because of her lack of appetite. She was nauseous and couldn't keep anything down. She is taking nausea medicine around the clock now so that has helped but she still has not put more than a couple of bites of food in her mouth for several weeks now. It is getting a little better day by day.
We go back on the 10th of this month for tests to see if the til cells are working. Of course, we believe they are! We know that God has had His hand in this from the beginning and He has a perfect plan for Savannah and the rest of us.
My nieces...Lilly (12) and Rose (6) are coming at the end of the week for their summer visit.
We are looking forward to spending time with them. We always have so much fun. Savannah and I will miss out on a few days with them due to our trip back to NIH so we'll have to make every minute count. I know there are a few things on their To Do list we'll be taking part in like....Gator Golf, the Drive-in movie, shopping etc....
So...for now...we're just trying to catch up and hang loose. :) Love to ALL!

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