Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday, 7th

Today was Decoration Day at Baptist Ford. We went down and visited with some of the family and friends. We got to show off Lilly and Rose (my nieces) that are visiting from Virginia. There wasn't as many people there as usual...not sure why!
After that we sat lazily around on the front porch , drinking ice tea and watching the girls play. It was a nice afternoon.
After church tonight, we had a little wienie roast and s'mores party. Lilly and Rose love them and Corinna has never been to one so we thought we should give her that experience before she returns to Germany. Did you know that in Germany they don't have graham crackers or marshmallows or HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE!!!!??? Can you believe it...a country without s'mores??? They also don't have peanut butter! :0 How do they survive???

Savannah ate a little tonight. That made us all very happy! :)
I am so proud of her and the way she is handling all of this. She has stayed positive and kept her sense of humor throughout this whole ordeal. She knows God is taking care of her and if she has any fear, she never shows it.

We leave Tuesday. Wednesday, she has an apheresis (sp?) and Thursday they will be doing all the tests and scans so PLEASE pray for shrinking tumors and healing.
Also.....a safe flight out there and back. Thanks MUCH love!

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