Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh my word! It's been a crazy couple of days! Savannah and I both flew out of XNA on Tuesday evening. She flew United because that's what NIH booked for her. I flew Delta because it was the cheapest. Her plane switched in Chicago and mine in Atlanta. In the end I was going to end up waiting on her at Reagan National for an hour and a half so we could take the shuttle together to our hotel. Well, when we got on our planes in Atlanta and Chicago, we had delays because of the storms in the DC area. Savannah said her wait wasn't too exciting. I, however, have a different story. I was on my plane, along with 200 other people stranded on the runway, waiting for clearance for 1 hr and 45 minutes. I was o.k....I had stuff to read and I watched a movie but some people got really cranky! There were 4 southern ladies from Alabama sitting next to me and they entertained me with stories of their traveling escapades and crazy friends and family.....(reminded me of my friends and myself). Anyway, one of them was a diabetic and she started feeling shaky so she pulled out a bag of peanuts to eat. When she did, the lady in front of her that was traveling with her disabled husband and son came unglued and jumped all over this lady for having peanuts out. It seems her son is deathly allergic to them. If he even smells them he starts swelling up all over and can't breath or swallow etc.........he's almost died 4 other times.. The only thing one but the mom and dad new this. They hadn't told the airlines, the flight attendants or anyone sitting around them. It was a huge ordeal, the boy started crying because his mom and dad were so upset and he thought he was going to stop breathing, the flight attendants were trying to keep peace and attempting to keep the southern lady (Joy) happy by moving her and giving her free drinks...but I can tell you right drinks were not the answer for Joy considering she had a very vivacious personality and wasn't afraid to speak her mind! The flight attendants were flittering all over the place trying to settle the mom and dad down, making sure the boy was still breathing, trying to keep Joy off the ceiling and all those other cranky people happy. It was a very eventful hour and 45 minutes on the ground! :)
Savannah and I finally met up at baggage claim at 2:30 am. By this time, I had become "phone friends" with our little shuttle driver, Boris who is from Russia. He had been waiting on us for about 3 hrs or so. He picked us up and $60 later we were at our hotel.
It was 4am before we were in bed. Needless to say, yesterday was a blurrrrr! We were both zombies. We went to bed at 8:last night but....we had to be here at 7am this morning for Savannah's blood work. To be here at 7, we needed to leave the hotel at 6am because we had to take a taxi to the metro, then from the metro take a shuttle to the hospital. I don't know how these people do it. Besides being SO expensive, it is such a hassle. I guess it explains why there are a lot of rude, impatient people here. I might be too if I had to deal with transportation issues all the time. :) It really makes me SO thankful for home and our calmer lifestyle.
Savannah is getting a blood transfusion right now. Her numbers were low. They say that happens to about half of the patients. Later today she has clinic with her doctors. That's when they will tell us the test results. I'm excited! I know they are going to be good!
She is starting to eat a few more things so hopefully she will be gaining strength.
David and Aparna (and maybe Donna) are meeting us this evening for dinner. We're not sure where we are going but we trust them to make a good choice since they live fairly close by.
Love to ALL!

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