Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Clinic day

I wish the doctors would have told us NOT to expect anything on Savannah's first visit back! They told her in clinic today that the reason they brought her back out this soon after treatment was to make sure there were no complications going on. They don't expect to see any results til her next visit which is 4 weeks away.
I said in the last post that we are excited to see what God has in store for us next. I think it might be teaching us patience and faith...?maybe?....only time will tell....
Anyway, her news is good because there was no new growth and they said the existing tumor might be a teenie-weenie bit smaller.....maybe.....we'll have to wait til her next visit to know for sure.

The girls had a change of plans last night. They did go to DC but they didn't get to see Donna, Lilly and Rose after all. Their plan is to get with them on the way out of town today so it won't be such a long trip for Donna and the girls. I tried to talk them in to staying another night but Savannah's good friend Julie is in for Spring Break and she wants to spend some time with her. So she is itching to get home!
However, they were going to make time to stop by the Home Goods store. Not that I blame them...:) Savannah is preparing to get her first apartment so I really hope she shows some restraint in shopping. It will be tough for her. Bless her little heart!!!! I haven't exactly set a good example there. :)
Please keep up those prayers for healing! We appreciate them SO much!!!!
Love to ALL!

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