Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Savannah arrived home safely Friday night. Since then she has felt pretty good. A little week, not much of an appetite but otherwise good. She finished her antibiotic Tuesday so she doesn't have to deal with anymore infusions. She's pretty much a happy camper! She goes back in a couple of weeks for scans, tests and the pentamidine breathing treatment. She'll have to be on that for at least 6 months and possibly longer depending on her lung scans. Every chemo patient has to have meds to help the lungs recover but Savannah is allergic to sulfa drugs so she has to have the treatment instead of pills.

Susie and I arrived home Monday evening. We had a great time on our way home. We only stopped at two flea markets!!! I thought we showed great restraint considering......Tennessee has several along the route home. We even bypassed the one that said "The South's Largest Flea Market".........I know!........can you believe our willpower?
After being gone a whole month, I was a little afraid of what I was going to come home to. When I walked into the house, Danny and Shelby (and maybe Mom) had cleaned up, vacuumed and had it generally looking very nice.....until.......I brought a months worth of stuff and dumped it in the living room. :( Later, when I got a little deeper into putting things away etc....I heard myself asking everybody -- "why is there red glitter in my kitchen utensil drawer"? and "Is that a piece of chocolate stuck to the wallpaper"??? When I saw what looked to be a piece of Shelby's car fender on the porch, I just decided to quit asking questions. Plain and simple - What I don't know can't possibly stress me out.......right?

You know, we all like to brag on our kids from time to time- so- let me take a moment to say that I am SO proud of Bo and his friends. They have been cooking and feeding some of the homeless people in Fayetteville. They were trying to find sleeping bags and tents for them. I think they reached their goal and found enough to get them set up. They tried to make them as
comfortable as possible. I admire what they're doing....I don't think I had anything on my mind at their age other than boys, clothes, shopping, boys, jewelry, shoes, boys and having fun!
So........ GOOD JOB GUYS!

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