Monday, March 21, 2011

Road Warriors...?

OK, does an 8 to 9 hour trip to Nashville turn into a 12 hour trip??? Well, let me see if I can count the ways....#1 - leaving from home then stopping at TOBO's for 20 minutes or so...before you even get out of Greenland. #2 - taking a "short cut" from Conway around Little Rock..(a crooked little 2 lane highway). #3 - getting pulled over for doing 40 in a 60 on that crooked little road. And of course it takes a little time to flirt your way out of a ticket with just a warning! #4 - trying to find your way back to the Interstate after two or three wrong exits. I'm sure there's a number 5 but I don't think I really want to know!!!
Savannah, Shelby and Kim spent Saturday night in Nashville with a girl (friend) of Bo's. I thought that was really sweet of her to let them take over her house for a good nights sleep. They were up and on the road again fairly early Sunday morning.
They finally arrived in Bethesda last night at their hotel....(Thank you LORD!)
Savannah's first appointment was at 6:30 so she left Kim and Shelby in bed to get caught up on some much needed sleep. When they woke up they caught the shuttle to the Metro and went to downtown Bethesda. As soon as Savannah's tests were over she met them and they all headed to DC on the Metro. I think Donna, Lilly and Rose are meeting them in DC for dinner later tonight. I'm sure they will have a blast!
Tomorrow is the big day!!! Savannah will have her clinic appointment and we will find out how well the treatment is working. We're anxious and excited to see what God is going to do with us next! :)

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