Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break and NIH

NIH for Spring Break....just where everyone wants to go...ha! Well Shelby and her friend Kim want to...only because it beats staying home the whole week!!! Savannah's appointment for tests and scans is scheduled for 6:30 am Monday morning. (whoever scheduled that didn't know who they were dealing with!!!) Anyway, Savannah had a mid-term in Bentonville this morning but after she finishes they will be heading for Maryland. They will probably drive to Nashville or Knoxville tonight, get a room, then drive the rest of the way Sunday.
Kim has never been to DC before so they are planning a little jaunt there to see the sights. Shelby and Kim are both dead set on getting a cupcake from the DC CUPCAKES shop. It's actually in Georgetown but it's very popular - especially since they have a TV show on the TLC network. Shelby never misses an episode. The only problem is the long line down the street just to get in. Because of limited time, they might have to choose between a cupcake and sightseeing. I'm sure the cupcakes are wonderful but I think I would choose seeing all the great sights.

Bo is on some river, somewhere, with some friends, camping, canoeing, fishing etc....for his Spring Break so......except for Danny.... I'm childless for part of the week!!!!!!! :) Hopefully, I can get myself together and start spring cleaning and gathering for a yard sale.

Please pray for good results for Savannah and a safe road trip there and back for the girls!.....and Bo too! Thanks SO much! Love to ALL!


  1. Hate that they have to be traveling now when you could be seeing them all at once but I guess that's another one of those crummy things about our kids growing up, the like being on their own :)
    If they stand in line for a silly cupcake they shld bring one home to you too! They obviously don't know how good your mom's Sock-it-to-me cake is or they wouldn't even dream of waiting on some nibble just because it's been on tv. Look at all those reality shows and we know hwo little of it's true so maybe the silly things won't be worth the time or money to eat. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! That way I'm not jealous :)
    Clean out everything and I'll come by with one or two of my adorable grandchildren and find us a treat! Miss seeing Clara, Barbara, you & Susie so much. We should be off on one of our adventures. We all deserve a fun trip together. Let's try it sometime soon, please! Hugs to you all

  2. Just in case you weren't sure, yes my prayers and love will be with your kids and you everyday!