Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh the DRAMA!

In the last post, I said Savannah was coming home. Shortly after that, Danny and I decided she should fly home a different route since flying through Chicago was risky with it snowing there. I stayed on the phone forever with NIH travel trying to find her another flight through anywhere. We tried every airport here into every airport within 2 hours of XNA but there was not a flight to be had. We ended up just keeping her on the original flight hoping she wouldn't get stranded.
About 10 minutes later she called and was very bummed out. They canceled her flight because of trouble in Chicago. I rescheduled her flight out for tomorrow and told her she could just check out of the hospital and stay here with us at the lodge. That just didn't excite her at all --so-- she started doing searches on her computer and found a possible flight through Atlanta. Her persistence paid off this time. Finally, she left on the shuttle at 2:30 to get to her flight at 5:00. She text'd me from the airport here and said her flight had been delayed an hour or so due to extremely high winds. Shortly after that she sent a message saying the delay had been canceled and would be arriving home around 9 pm.
So.....she is now back home and very, very happy!
She feels pretty good, she's just very week. She will have to go get a daily infusion of antibiotic until next week but other than that, she's AWESOME. God has blessed us - yet-again!
Susie and I will be leaving early in the morning. See y'all soon!!!

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