Friday, April 3, 2009

New Challenges

Everyday brings new challenges to think and pray about.

We've learned that Savannah's tissue type does not match the qualifications it needs to use " genetically engineered" immune cells. So, we need to pray that in the next few weeks the lab will be able to grow the till cells needed to fight the melanoma . They will know if the cells will grow in about 3 weeks but it will still take 6 -8 weeks for them to grow enough to give her. There is about a 70% chance they will grow. Since she is young and otherwise healthy.....they are optimistic! :)

On a lighter note... The Family Lodge we're staying in is WONDERFUL.
It's like having our own little suite within a Mansion. Super Nice, very comfortable......AND.........MAID SERVICE.....wahoooooooooo!

We are not sure when we are coming home.....possibly Monday....who knows
We really miss everybody! Thanks All!


  1. Patti, love hearing the updates from the Darling Duttons.

    Our prayers continue to be with your entire family.

    Safe travels getting home on Monday.

    Love & continued blessings on all of you,

  2. Patti, All of us in the Taylor household love and pray for you many times during the day. Please give Savannah a soft gentle hug for all of us. May God wrap you in His love so that it warms your soul and you feel the presence of the great physician

  3. Dear Savannah,
    We are so happy you came through surgery well and that you were able to text so soon! (via your grandma to her sister! ha!) We think of you and pray for you daily. Congrats on the car, although Darren thought your original one was "sweet" when he saw you at the gas station!
    Hope to see you soon in AR!
    The Farrish Five and Jack the Maniac who needs to be on Prozac!

  4. Hello Dutton family, I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know that I too have been praying with you. I am a friend of Sandy W. Take care and God Bless you all. Thank you for this blog, now I can go right to the source, and not wait for news 3rd hand. *smile*

  5. Prayers are going out daily in your behalf. It is so great to hear about your progress and to be able to feel a little closer just by reading your update. Be strong and know that you are loved. Brad and Tanya

  6. Surgery's OVER! Yay, Savannah. Hang in there. Rest up, heal up and then pack up to come back to the 'ville! Love and miss you.

  7. Savannah, we are so happy that the healing has begun and that you will be home soon !!Safe travels to you and the rest of the Darling's. Love and miss you all, you are in our prayers daily.
    Rebecca & Family

  8. Dear Duttons, My sentiments cannot be any better said than what Phyllis (Taylor) already gave. Continue in His strength as we continue to pray for you all!
    In His Love, the Birkes