Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh "Me" of little Faith!

In the last blog on Friday I said we needed a MIRACLE........ by the time we got to our doctor appointment God had just taken care of it! I know He is an awesome God so why does it surprise me every time He answers a prayer?

Savannah's doctor talked to NIH while we were in the office and they expressed to him that they really thought it would be best if we waited for the till cell therapy. It has the possible highest rate of success. I guess the IL2 will be the treatment IF the till cells don't grow. It will still be about 2 more weeks till we hear about that.
PLEASE PRAY THE TILL CELLS GROW! She has had another small lump come up in a lymph gland on her collar bone...on the same side. The doctor said it is not unusual but of course, it bothers me. We go Wednesday for another scan so they can try to see how fast or slow things are growing. We will hear those results Friday at our appointment.

Easter was a nasty but glorious day. As I sat at the piano in church, I looked down and there was my whole precious family....Danny, Bo, Savannah, Shelby & Corinna (our exchange student). I looked the other way and saw Mom & Daddy, Aunts, Cousins and so many friends......SO MUCH to be thankful for. After church, we used our church's family center to have an Easter get-together. A bunch more showed up and the kids had a blast playing and hunting eggs.
All of that plus the obvious reason for Easter - The day our Saviour arose from the grave and LIVES !!!! Like I said....It was a glorious day!

Thank you all for your continued prayers!


  1. We will keep you in our prayers here and we will be there for you and your family every step of the way! We love you all here at City Hall ( Hugs ) Savannah is in good hands and I know with everyone's prayers and love and God's guidance she will heal.

  2. Easter was a great morning service and I also rejoiced to see all of your family and relatives. Mother said the music was great and she could feel the presence of God so strong in the service. I love you dearly and you are in my prayers (all of you).