Friday, April 17, 2009

Well, I've decided that I had better watch what I ask you guys to pray for because the minute I put a prayer request on this gets answered before I get off the computer. I was re-reading the last 2 posts and I realized I left a part out. I said that God had just worked the IL2/ insurance thing out but I didn't tell how.
They were not going to give her the treatment because it is so expensive and some insurances won't pay. As soon as I logged off the computer, our connections at NIH had emailed and said If we decided to go that route, they would see to it that she got the drug. Then, that afternoon we had an appointment with our doctor here and He said that he had talked to WRMC and if she wanted the IL2 treatment...SHE WOULD HAVE IT...PERIOD! As I said before, now she doesn't need it because the till cells are growing so fast! :)
Savannah had another scan Wednesday and we go today to see what they say about whether it's fast or slow growing.

I have a sad heart this morning. Danny had a young friend and co-worker die in a car wreck. His name was Paul Lindey and he was 23 yrs. old. Danny said he was a really great guy. I feel for his family who lives in Mena where they are still recovering from the tornado that hit there the other day.
Coach Calhoun, one of Shelby's former teachers died of a heart attack. He was the sweetest man ever. The kids loved him so much....we will miss him dearly.
And.....though not last on my list by any means......Aaron Tomlinson, the son of some good friends of ours, has left this morning to serve our country in Iraq.
My prayer request today is that God will just comfort these families in their loss. I also pray that He will go with Aaron, keep him safe and return him to his family soon AND give his mama & daddy PEACE about it!

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