Thursday, April 23, 2009

NIH called

We heard from NIH today. They have scheduled us to come out on May 4th. Savannah will start chemo on the 7th. They want her there a few days early to do some blood work. She will be on chemo for 7 days. It will totally wipe out her immune system. After that they will infuse the till cells into her system and then start the Interleukin 2. Since she will have no immune system the threat of infection is a very real one. I'm getting a head start and asking for prayer that God will just keep her cradled in His hands and keep her free of anything that could cause infections. I also ask for prayer with all the side effects of the chemo and IL2

Danny and I would also appreciate prayers for us to have the emotional and physical strength to handle all that lies ahead as we take care of her.

I feel a little strange promoting the benefit that some WONDERFUL FRIENDS are having for Savannah... but.... so many are asking for specifics that I thought I would address some of the questions.....
What - Dinner (mexican/fajitas), music show & auction
When - Saturday, May 2nd @ 6pm
Where - Greenland Community Center
From what I've heard, they could still use some volunteers to help serve, take $ for the auction and clean-up afterward.
Anyone interested can contact Diane Cramer @

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