Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wow.......I'm bad at this....

Diane Cramer's address is


  1. Momma I love you no matter how many times it takes to finish one post... :) I love everyone else too and thank you!

    - Savannah

  2. Hey, Duttons! Glad to hear from you.

    Savannah, when I learned that I would lose my hair due to chemo, I took action and got pro-active. I started by cutting my hair shorter. Then, as it became noticable that the drugs were taking affect, I had my hair dresser buzz my head. The next step was the day that I finished it off by shaving my head myself. I was not going to let the cancer defeat me. I wanted to be the one in control.

    You'll need a warm hat to sleep in, because a lot of heat is loss through the head The wig shops sell these (soft cotton), or someone can knit you one. It gets chilly at night.

    My precious hair dresser accompanied me to the wig shop, where we found a wig that was so perfect, I later went back and got an identical one. Hats are fun, too, but I wanted to hide my poor bald skinny head, so I did that. Scarves are fun, too, but boy do I have a collection of way-out hats.

    You go, Girl!