Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday 8th

Today we woke up to the beautiful sunshine and warm breeze which is in sharp contrast to the gray, stormy weather we've been having. I think the sun has helped our attitudes as well as the nurses, doctors and everyone else.
Savannah is very sleepy today so we're just leaving her alone unless she wakes up needing something. The nurse just started her 2nd dose of chemo a few minutes ago. All is going well and the doctors say we're on track. :)


  1. You are sooo right, sunshine can change your mood, drastically. I'm glad Savannah is resting well and pray that she'll continue to feel good through all of her treatments. Call if you have too much down time.

  2. Sounds like you are on track. The healing process has begun and we are all thankful that Savannah was able to get there and have such a great staff and hospital to be treated. God has really answered so many prayers already then a sunny day is just his way of smiling at all of his progress.We LOVE and miss all of you! We pray for strength.
    Love, Rebecca