Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday 6th

Savannah spent last night in her hospital room so she could have a procedure done this morning to put a pick-line in her neck. That is where they will administer all the fluids, drugs and till cells.
We're happy about that considering she has tiny veins and doesn't like being stuck repeatedly with needles. She is having some discomfort but the pain meds they gave her are starting to kick in.
They told us this morning that the new scans they took showed some growth in the existing tumors. There are some new spots also on her liver and lungs. They said it is not surprising considering she hasn't had treatment yet. When they start the treatment, it will effect ALL the tumors in her system so that's a positive!
PLEASE pray that the treatment works, the side effects are minimal and that she gets no infections while her immune system is down.

Danny caught the Metro earlier to go to the grocery store but he's been gone quite a while. I hope he's not lost......or.....maybe he's just searching from store to store looking for Savannah's pomegranate body wash she ordered! :) She's definitely got him wrapped around her finger.

We Love Y'all

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