Tuesday, May 5, 2009


As I sit here trying to write this.....I am at a loss for words.
 The Benefit for Savannah was beyond successful.  We are SO thankful and humbled by the outpouring of love and generosity that our friends, family and community have shown us.   We will never be able to thank all of you that were involved!  Hopefully we will have the opportunity to pay it forward one of these days.

They are saying at least 400 were served food... (I'm thinking maybe more) and it was estimated that there were between 600-800 people that got through the door to listen to music, visit and bid on the items auctioned off.  Some came, saw the masses,  left a donation and didn't stay....so there is no telling how many were really involved.  :)

Diane Cramer and her whole family along with many others too numerous to mention, did a FANTASTIC job cooking, organizing, serving, etc.   It was a HUGE undertaking and they pulled it off without a hitch.
We are also thankful to the musicians who performed (they were wonderful)
We appreciate the Auctioneer and all those who donated those yummy looking pies, cakes, cookies and other desserts as well as household items to be auctioned.

We are so blessed!  

It might be a while before I can get Thank You cards out but all of you involved......you know who you are........please know that we Thank You and we thank God for you! 


Monday was a blurrrr!   We didn't get much sleep Sunday night.  Danny and I flew out of Tulsa at 7:45am and Savannah flew out of XNA around 10:30am.  We caught shuttles to the lodge at NIH.   We all took naps. :)    Savannah had to check in the hospital and have some tests run but then they let her stay in the lodge with us. We found an awesome Italian place that delivers to NIH so we took advantage of that for dinner.   After that we found a massage chair in the 3rd floor sitting room. We fought over that for a while and after we were all de-stressed.....we went to bed.
Savannah had to be back over at the hospital at 7am for more tests.   Since then we have been hanging out doing....pretty much ...nothing.   She has to go back over in a little while for an MRI then come back to the lodge for the night.

This is such a beautiful place and they have thought of everything.  It is comfortable and useful and a haven from everything else going on around us.
We are so Thankful and so Blessed. 

Again THANK YOU.....WE Love you ALL!                   


  1. I am so glad last Saturday was such a success! That is one loved girl and one loved family for sure. Thanks so much for the blog updates. Any little thing to imagine Savannah's world right now is a blessing. Makes us feel there with her even though we're not.

    In my prayers,
    Elizabeth Vaught

  2. Patti, love the updates and hearing how things are going. Please try to post every day. I think that most people will start checking every day if they realize that you are posting daily.

    Even if it is only yours feelings that you post, folks care.. It is important for you to collect yourself, verbalize, and let others share your journey.

    I am praying daily, as are several friends around the U.S. Savannah is also on the prayer list at church.

    We love you!

  3. Savannah- thought I would let you know your mom and I are thinking about you-Nobody will understand that but us- we are thinking about you consantly and asking everyone to pray for you. You are amazing and an inspiration to us all-isn't it wonderful to know that there are people all over the US praying for you and your Mom and Dad. Kristi and I started hauling stuff for the garage sale to Ken,s warehouse today -that is where we are going to store all we pick up until the sale. Hope it will be even half as successful as the Greenland benefit. You are very loved. Colton is standing here wanting me to tell you he is praying for you and he loves you and he helped us load and unload stuff for the sale today-he kept telling us this is for Savannah. We all love you and will be in constant prayer for you- Love Linda