Thursday, May 14, 2009


It was so SWEET! Earlier one of the TIL LAB Techs came in to meet Savannah. She brought her a hand made card from all the people in the lab. She said that they had been working with her cells for weeks and wanted to put a face to the cells. She said Savannah had AMAZING cells. Til cells that other peoples Til Cells could only aspire to be like! Of course she was being silly but she said that every day they would come in and count them and it would blow them away how fast and strong they were.
The card said "The entire Til Lab staff would like to congratulate you on receiving all 47.6 billion of you cells. They were such a pleasure to take care of......"
She said they are studying why her cells grew so good and fast and some peoples don't.
I should have told her it was all the prayers.....that's something they won't find out in the lab. :)
They gave her 47.6 billion cells and by the time she comes back for her check up in 4 weeks they said she will have over 89 billion cells fighting the cancer. Isn't that AWESOME?


  1. He shows how awesome He is every day and I am confident that the prayers lifted up for Savannah will be answered and this will be a witness to His healing power!

    Give her a hug, or just squeeze her hand and tell her we love her!

    The Farrish Five

  2. Hey Mrs. Patti Wack just sayin hi and that we all miss all of you down here in Arkansas!!! Hope it is going well I've been praying. Tell everyine hi for me! I love your profile picture it makes me smile everytime I see it!!!gtg back to homework. Hope the day is going well!
    Megan Staudt

  3. Praise God! He is a God of miracles and healing. We are praying over here in Colorado too.

  4. Patti, so wonderful to see you posting to the blog so frequently. I've been inquiring (telephone to Aunt Wanda, internet to Carla) from the relatives to get updates.

    The prayers continue here in Texas.

    Love you all and know that God is holding you all closely in those big ole arms of His!


  5. Hey, Patti, what kind of wig did Savannah get? I actually went through two wigs during chemo. I tried to trim the first one myself. LOL!!!

    Love you all!