Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19th

Today was another lovely day in Bethesda. Savannah is feeling a little better and her sense of humor is coming back . Earlier we watched American Idol together and BTW....GO CHRIS ALLEN from Conway, ARKANSAS!!!!!....anyway, I took her on a walk around the hall to get some exercise before putting her to bed and we got the giggles. She was acting really goofy. Maybe it was the medication...(not!) Whatever it was, it was good to laugh with her again.
For our Anniversary Danny and I went to downtown Bethesda and ate lunch at a quaint, trendy little place called the BlackFinn Grill. It was very good. We went in a couple of shops and then headed back to check on our BABY! It was a beautiful day to be out and I think it did me good to get away from the hospital even for a couple of hours. Keep up those prayers please! love to all!