Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday, 12th

Today was another beautiful, sunshiny day in Bethesda. After Savannah's treatment we checked out her dream store...ANTHROPOLOGY. She found a couple of cute things she just had to have!!! After that we visited White Flint Mall, did a tiny bit of shopping and had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. She was so tired afterward that we came straight back and put her to bed. I don't think we will be trying any more outings that big for a while. She's just too weak right now.
We were supposed to go to Baltimore tomorrow to meet Jeff, Donna & the girls, David & Aparna (Donna's brother and his wife) and Aparna's brother and his wife and new baby. We were going to meet at the Inner Harbor and go to the Aquarium and see the sights there. Well....Jeff & Donna both came down with a terrible bug and Savannah is just not up to a trip that long so we are going to have to save that for another time.
Her last chemo treatment will be in the morning at 5am. Thursday is till cell day.
They will give her the till cells around noon and then later in the afternoon she will start the Interleukin 2. That's the part I'm dreading most. They say she will get very sick. They will continue the IL2 until her body can't handle it anymore then they will stop it. After that she will be very weak for a few days. From then on we will just be waiting for her immune system to get back up to full strength.

Thanks for the prayers...please keep them coming!

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  1. I am praying for you. I am also praying for those special angels to be with you today and provide you with what ever you need. One day at a time sweet Duttons. Now we have to rely on the wisdom of our great Heavenly Father. That is the hard part. I always want to give suggestions and HE is truly in charge. Love you and Patty I am praying the momma prayers for you. Lot's of love, Tanya