Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday, 23rd

Sorry....I forgot to post last night!

Today is a good day for Savannah. She feels nausea or dizziness but still a small fever.
We might get to come home Tuesday or Wednesday.

Earlier we enjoyed a nice visit from Jeffrey, Donna, Lilly & Rose. Toward the end, Rose caught her second wind and did some Irish step dancing for us. Savannah and I were both wishing we had that much energy!

Kristi Parrish just called a few minutes ago and said the Benefit Rummage Sale was a HUGE success. We can't express how Thankful we are to Kristi for getting all of this started and to all of you who helped with it. I know everyone is EXHAUSTED!
Thanks also to all of you who shopped! We appreciate everyone SO much!

Please pray that Savannah's fever will go down and stay down! Thanks!

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