Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Savannah had to go back over to the hospital this morning and check in with her nurses and doctors. They did a blood test etc. and said that she is free to stay at the Lodge until she leaves NIH. We also heard that NIH was having several new patients come in the next day or two and they needed her room. It didn't take long for us to load a big cart down with her stuff and get out of Dodge! She has to get all her drugs and supplies tomorrow, talk to the doctors one last time and then we're outta here! Although it's possible that they won't schedule her flight til Wednesday morning so we might have one more night at the mansion :)
Today, after the big move, Savannah, Susie and I went to downtown Bethesda again to a shop Savannah had seen the day before. Considering that there wasn't an article of clothing in the shop under $150.....we left and went in search of other places to shop. We found several and had lots of fun!
We are getting ready to get in our pjs, put a movie in and have a girls night in. We are all exhausted!
They're waiting on me so gotta go! Love

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  1. Patti, love reading and keeping up to date on the lowdown on the slowdown....