Friday, February 25, 2011

Checkin' Out!

She's going home!!!!!!!!! Savannah called me at 7-ish this morning and said that she could leave. She is ecstatic! So now we have to get her all packed and on the shuttle to the airport. We're a little worried about her flight through Chicago since it is already snowing there! PLEASE pray that she gets through with no problems.
With her immune system being so low, we definitely don't want her to be stranded in a huge, crowded airport like Chicago.
Since she is leaving a little later in the day, Susie and I are going to wait and get a fresh start early in the morning. We should be home by Sunday, Monday....or.....Tuesday.....depending on how many Flea Markets we spy on the way! :) Thanks for those prayers!!!! LOVE!!!!!!

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