Tuesday, February 22, 2011


When I went to bed last night the ice and snow had covered everything. Apparently at the end of the snow it turned to rain so it ended up much better than we expected. Still, we just stayed on campus all day.

Every morning is a new day as far as Savannah is concerned. After she returned to the hospital last night she got sick. Through the night she started running a fever again and her platelet count dropped. By the time I got to the hospital this morning I thought we were going to be here for another week or two. A little later in the day the doctors came in and said she would probably be going home on Thursday.
She immediately started feeling better!!!
Because her fever keeps popping up, they wanted her to have a chest x-ray. She declined their offer to take her to radiology. She said I would take her. So, after I found a wheelchair we were off. On the way there, I didn't run her into any walls or corners like I did a few days before. No getting caught between the automatic emergency doors or sandwiched between the elevator doors. UNTIL....we reached the radiology waiting room. Have you ever tried to push a big wheel chair through a crowded room with lots of chairs and people and trash cans? I had an elderly lady chasing a trash can that I ran Savannah into. You know, the big plastic ones that sound like a bass drum if you hit them just right. I noticed Savannah laughing and gasping hysterically as we spun out of control doing donuts through the innocent, unbelieving audience. People were offering me their seats just so I would quit moving. Finally, I got her parked and they immediately called her name. The nurse took it from there.......enough said. It was, however, nice to see Savannah laughing so hard....even if it was at my expense!
She doesn't feel all that great but she has such a good attitude and outlook on things. Before I left her room tonight, she ate a little bit. That's quite an accomplishment. Pray she gets her appetite back so she can regain her strength.
Thanks! LOVE Y'all!!!!!

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