Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Free day

Today was a free day for Savannah. No chemo or IVs or anything.....until tonight at 10 pm when they start her IV fluids for hydration. In the morning they will replace the fluids with her TIL cells. It will probably take a few hours to receive the cells.

Since she wasn't hooked up to anything, we decided to go out and about. We had planned to go walk around White Flint Mall and maybe catch a matinee but when they released her for the day they said she could do whatever she wanted as long as she stayed away from the malls and movie theaters. So.....there went our plans.
We did make it to Homegoods and OH MY WORD! It's a decorators paradise. It just made me happy to wander the isles and imagine all the possibilities. Savannah was in bliss too. Danny........not so much.

When you are saying your prayers please remember all those people here in the hospital. Their families are staying here at the lodge and we've met many of them. Hearing their stories just makes us so thankful for our situation.
So far, we've met people from all over the states, England, Jamaica, France, Russia, China and some others we haven't figured out yet! :) ???

Y'all stay in and warm. I'm a little bit bummed that I'm missing the biggest snowfall in years but judging by the temps - I might get back before it thaws!

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  1. patti i am glad that you are feeling better. give savannah a hug for me. praying for all.