Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lab Day

Today we got a tour of the LAB where all the magic happens! Mark was our guide. He explained everything very well and as simply as he could given the complex nature of his work. I'm sure he dumbed it-WAY- down as soon he saw the "deer in the headlights"look from the three of us!
I never thought I could get excited about science but the work they're doing here is truly AMAZING!!! We saw where the tumors are analyzed and tested and where the TIL cells are grown and stored. With a telescope, we looked at Savannah's cells that they have harvested. They keep them at several different stages. Looking at them under the microscope you could see how many cells were in the smallest drop... and they just keep multiplying!! They have her cells there ready to go on Thursday when it's TIL Time. They are going to put 10 million cells in and within a few hours those cells will double to 20 million!
Last time, they grew the TIL cells from parts of the tumor they removed from under her arm. They were then put in IL2 to grow and multiply. This time, they are using cells from the tumor on her spleen and growing it in IL12. Mark referred to these cells as the "Arnold Schwarzenegger" of cells. They will be bigger, better, stronger and tougher than any so far AND they will continue to stay in her body and fight against cancer. Sounds cool.... huh?
I'm so thankful to God for these people He's using to discover cures and treatments. I hope they know they're being used by Him!

If Savannah feels like it, she wants her Daddy to take us to Home Goods tomorrow so she can shop around. After that, maybe a matinee?????
Thanks for those prayers! love!!!!

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  1. It's Wed. and it is snowing alot. I hope that your day is a blessed one and that the prayers that are being sent up in the behalf of your family are giving you the strength that you need. We love you guys. Tanya