Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Houston, We have a Patient"

Savannah has arrived!!!!! We should have organized a parade!
She was scheduled to fly out at 3:30 pm yesterday but after a few delays etc....she finally landed
last night around 11pm. She rode the Metro over to NIH and Danny picked her up at the shuttle station. She went straight to the hospital and checked in. They started her tests, scans, etc. at 7 this morning. Can't wait to get over there and see her beautiful smiling face!
While waiting on Savannah to arrive yesterday, Danny and I went "junkin'". They don't have the same idea of flea markets and antique shops as we do but it was a nice way to spend the day til Princess arrived. We learned that Danny and I - together can totally confuse a piece of high-tech equipment like our friend- Tom Tom He had us turning in places that didn't even exist. Bet y'all can't do that!!! We did get to see some new neighborhoods and scenery!

Many of you tell me that you appreciate the email reminders about updates to the blog but because they have changed the format of yahoo I can only send out 20 emails at a time. Since my address book has grown far beyond that, it has become too time consuming to send emails out every time I update the blog so....I will post on face book when I update. While we're here I will probably be updating every day so if you choose, you can put it in you favorites or....something like that! Remember.....I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to "computer stuff"
We love you! Thanks for the prayers and EVERYTHING else!

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  1. I am so glad that you are together and safe. You will be in my daily prayers. Lot's of love, Tanya