Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's late...

I just got back in the room from the hospital. Savannah had kind of an "off" day. One blood culture they took grew something indicating there might be a possible infection or contamination so they started her on an antibiotic. She had some kind of reaction to it....nothing major, just an itchy rash that broke out on her head and started down her face and neck. Fortunately, it only lasted a half hour or so but even after that, she just wasn't her bright, cheerful self. They said she might be very tired because of all the hard work her body is doing inside to heal itself. I stayed through more than half of the antibiotic tonight to make sure she wasn't going to have the same reaction. When I left she was good and ready to sleep! I'm sure she'll have a better day tomorrow. :)
Danny is now at home dealing with busted pipes, work, Shelby and her friends etc....so I've been by myself for a few days. I've made a lot of new friends.
Susie left this morning so she should be arriving tomorrow afternoon or evening.
I'll be glad when she gets here safely.
I'm exhausted.....going to bed........goodnight!

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