Saturday, February 12, 2011


Savannah got the TIL cells Thursday. It was exciting but didn't even take 30 minutes all together. She's neutrapenic so that means no immune system at all. We are having to take precautions going in and out. Otherwise, she feels very good. The treatment is over. Now it's just a matter of her counts getting back up to normal which could take anywhere from one to two weeks. The doctors are impressed that she is doing her school assignments. I guess most patients on this protocol don't feel like doing much of anything.

Jeff and Rose left here Friday to fly home for a visit with Mom and Daddy. I hate it that we're missing time with them but maybe we'll make up for it later. We got to spend a little time with Donna and Lilly today. We had a nice visit then Donna, Lilly and I came back to the Safra house to get Lilly ready for her Valentines Day Dance at school. You would have thought she was getting married or something. I was doing her nails while Donna was curling hair. We both worked on her up-do for a bit then I started on the makeup and Donna the wardrobe. She looked beautiful.....not so much because of us but just because she is a natural......and such a lady. Sniff, sniff, (they grow up so fast!!!!)

Danny is leaving early in the morning (Sunday) to come home. He should arrive home Monday night and he'll be back at work on Wednesday. I think he's coming home to some busted pipes due to the freezing temps this past week. Joy, Joy :(
Since he is leaving before Valentines Day, he took me out for dinner tonight at The Silver Diner. It's very cute and fun. Juke boxes at each table, 50's & 60's music and 50's decor! Good food too. We had a great time.

Please pray that Danny will have a safe, uneventful trip home!!!
Thanks for ALL the prayers!!! love

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